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Waves are created by wind blowing over the surface of the sea.

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A different set of data is to be presented in each illustration. Corrosion was suspected as the rock strata were mainly made up of limestone. Garbage can block the river and lead to flooding in nearby areas and if the garbage as seen in Site 1 reaches the Gulf of Paria, it would make the west coast beaches unfit for swimming.

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As time progress the sediments accumulate and project itself to the sea. Kingston, Palisadoes 1st stop 2. The researcher first identified the various coastal features, recorded relevant information, took pictures of the various features seen, and identified the type of rock present.

The projection of the sediments and other materials continue projection until it connects to Port Royal where the feature formed is called a Tombolo. Waves can be destructive or constructive.

I would encourage you to have it typed, especially if your writing is not legible. You have a choice between writing your field study report and typing it.

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