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For example, an oil and gas exploration company may have specific risks such as drilling and finding no oil, or machinery decline, or no buyer for its supplies and so on. Part of your goal is, in essence, to "sell" your research supervisors on both your project and yourself as a researcher. Ensure that your story is as realistic and believable as possible so that even convincing the committee members will be such a walk in the park. The prospectus or any offering document needs to show how the company can scale based on the current and future market, as well as the evolution of its products and services. The longevity of any business depends on the market size, the market reception to your service offerings and the future growth or decline of your industry. Further reading:. It is used in various industries to propose ideas, such as scientific research and legal matters. Divide your work into sections- this is mainly applicable in scientific research papers where you have to follow a specific procedure from the methodology, experiment, data collection, data analysis and interpretation which have to be indicated in the research proposal. Exit The exit strategy section of the prospectus is a vital part of the offering document. For example, depending on the type of structure and the type of offering equity versus debt , the legal team will be noted, as well as the underwriter s , or the fund administrator or fund manager, the paying agent of the company and others. The Ten Rules for those Who Want to Write a Prospectus Know who your audience: your investors Explain how you will generate profit Keep it simple Show how the business can scale Introduce the team Be clear about the risks Detail how you will use the funds Show your financials Each are detailed below… 1.

Further reading:. Bibliography- this is a list of all the sources that you derived your content. If the project is for medical research, ensure this is explicit.

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Often, they emerge because the project appears to be too broad or ambitious in scope or not yet completely formulated. Our team will ensure that your prospectus offering document is drafted with structure and style and in conformance with investment industry best practices.

In most cases the simpler the prospectus the easier it is to convey your message.

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Your prospectus, from the cover page, should convey a message that you can generate a profit for your investors. It is important that prospectus does not make any assumptions as to the outcome of the project or experiment.

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These different kinds of prospectuses differ mostly in regard to the length and detail with which the project is described. You are also required to allocate the funding specified in the prospectus to the area for which it is intended. Moreover, the topic you choose should be one that you are most comfortable in and will engage your thoughts effectively.

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How to Write a Prospectus Steps to Drafting Proper Offering Prospectus