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So it's solid Zinc. So we have a wire set up and those two electrons are going to move, which is our electric current, right?

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Consecutive interpreters and secret codes Unlike shorthand, consecutive interpreting notes are arranged on the page almost like a semantic mind map so that the interpreter can perceive, digest and sum up content at a glance rather than having to translate words and sentences sequentially, as with shorthand.

And a good way to remember this is an ox and red cat, right? Practice[ edit ] Typical interpreting notes.

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Next we draw a double vertical line, and this represents our salt bridge. Interpreting notes are not a form of shorthand. Fast forward to the past couple of centuries, and you see two dominant shorthand systems take over: Gregg shorthand the most popular system in the U.

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This is our oxidation half-reaction, so this is an oxidation. So this is the losing two electrons, so we put the electrons on the product side. Now, some shorthand purists will turn their noses up at these systems like snooty, aristocratic gentlemen with curly mustaches and pocketwatches. So it's solid Zinc. Interpreting notes are not a form of shorthand. So, an ox, oxidation occurs at the anode, and then red cat, let me write that one down over here, so red cat, reduction occurs at the cathode. And we know that reduction occurs at the cathode, so this must be the cathode. Not too bad! Masters of these systems have been known to write at speeds of over words per minute, which means they could take down almost any spoken word verbatim — a must for ensuring accuracy in fields like journalism and court reporting.

So we've lost electrons, remember, when you lose electrons it's an oxidation reaction, or you could also look at the oxidation states. The origins of shorthand date back to Ancient Greece in the 4th century B. Alright, now finally let's think about shorthand notation.

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Shorthand notation for galvanic/voltaic cells (video)