Iphone 5 business plans optus prepaid

Standard browsing and downloading charges will apply to access the service.

optus business plans

You'll also need to make sure that the phone is in return condition. Mobile broadband and active Fetch from Optus customers will receive a maximum of one login per account.

Iphone 5 business plans optus prepaid

Streaming services may not have apps available on all mobile operating systems. Optus is not responsible for third party content, and sites may be subject to change. With a compatible 4G device, that means you can enjoy superfast internet in loads of new places. Network Compatibility: Handsets have been modified to be optimised for the Optus network and performance on other networks is not guaranteed. You should contact customer service for further information on the fee that may apply in your case. If an optional extra is cancelled, changed or withdrawn, you will be liable to pay charges for the optional extra service that remain active until the relevant billing cycle ends and your plan will continue for the rest of its term. Content and features vary by sport, and are subject to change. No contract Awesome Network Optus Perks Awesome Inclusions My Optus App The beauty of our Prepaid plans are that they allow you to use your mobile phone how you like, when you like, without resulting in nasty surprise bills at the end of the month. Stream video up to 1. Unlimited Voicemail: Applies to Voicemail Deposits and Retrievals within Australia, diversion charges may still apply. Use of other internet applications on the same internet connection at the same time may cause a degradation in video quality. For example, the phone: Can power on and off. Check coverage at optus. Choose your handset for the above plan prodOfferingPlan. May take up to 4 hours after activating your service before you can successfully access the App.

When measured as a rectangle, the iPad Pro Optus will endeavour to provide current, accurate information but makes no guarantee regarding the timely delivery, currency, or accuracy of any information provided to you as part of the Optus Zoo Update service.

Accessories are sold separately. Data charges apply. This means the phone is fully functional - that is, it makes and receives calls and texts, connects to the internet, and is not physically damaged, except for normal wear and tear as reasonably determined by us.

For example, the phone: Can power on and off.

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The App is a premium product available at no extra cost for personal viewing in Australia on eligible plans for selected iOS and Android devices.

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