Mapeh exam

The traditional folk painting of Korea a. Which is not true about Dominoes? Diaz d. India d. Sari b. Lamb b. This is a traditional Japanese art of paper folding. Wear tight-fitting polyester clothing. Huang pan b. Challenge d.

Kazakhstan d. Wasabi music c.

Non-Communicable c. Hieroglythics d. South Korea d. Mogul Period d. What country is known for making printed tablecloths and curtains? Kite making c. Uzbekistan b. Regular c. Classical Period c.

Diwali b. Arabic Music d. Dark faced mask b.

mapeh health 8 first quarter examination

This is mostly present I architectural monuments, household structures and objects in Tajiks. Ghazal b.

Choose from the pictures below and write only the letter of your choice. They are known for making printed cloth. Lamb b. Rabies c. Which of the following colors of the cell corresponds to a triple word score? What will you do? Taj Majal c. Kyrgyzstan c. Indian b. What do you call the kind of Jewish Music which lies outside the religious domain?

Classical Period c. Stop thinking about your crush.

Mapeh exam

What was said to be the greatest contribution of Mogul Period to World Art? Fair Play d. Cold b. The traditional folk painting of Korea a. Chinese is known for being artistic. These are diseases caused by the direct and indirect spread of pathogens from one person to another. Carnatic c. Why is Carnatic Music called Temple Music? Rook c. Rasa c. Painting subject or themes of Korea is a. Mask making b. What was referred to as the Transitional Period in Indian Art? It provides entertainment and relaxation.

Virus d.

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Second Periodic Examination in MAPEH 10